CS Executive

CS Executive

What is CS Executive?

First Stage of CS Course


What are the Subjects of CS Executive?

Module I:

Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws

Company Law

Setting Up of Business Entities & Closure

Tax Laws


Module II:

Corporate & Management Accounting

Securities Law & Capital Markets

Economic, Business & Commercial Laws

Financial & Strategic Management


What is the Registration Fees?

After passing CSEET: 10,600

After passing CS Foundation: 10,600

After passing CA Final: 15,600

After passing CMA Final: 15,600


What are the Dates of Registration?

December 2020:

If registered on or before 31.05.2020: Both Groups

If registered on or after 1.6.2020 but on or before 31.07.2020: Single Group


June 2021:

If registered on or before 30.11.2020: Both Groups

If registered on or after 30.11.2020 but on or before 31.01.2021: Single Group


Is Pre-Exam Applicable?



What is the Last Date of Passing Pre- Exams?

Pre-Exam has be to be passed before filing exam forms. Without passing Pre-Exam, Student cannot appear for Main Exams.

So, technically the last date for passing Pre-Exam will be 9th April for June Exams & 10th October for December Exams.


What is the Exam Form Dates?

Without Late Fees:

June Attempt: 25th March

December Attempt: 25th September


With Late Fees:

June Attempt: 9th April

December Attempt: 10th October


What is the Exam Form Fees?

Single Group: 1,200/-

Both Group: 2,400/-