CS Professional

CS Professional

What is CS Professional?

It is the second & last stage of CS Course


What is the Registration Fees?

The prescribed registration fee is Rs.12,000/- .Students are also required to remit Rs. 1000/- towards Pre-exam test at the time of registration.


What are the Subjects of CS Professional?

1. Governance, Risk Management, Compliance & Ethics

2. Advanced Tax Laws

3. Drafting, Appearances & Pleadings

4. Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management & Due Diligence

5. Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency and Winding Up

6. Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies

7. Corporate Funding & Listing in Stock Exchanges

8. Multidisciplinary Case Studies (Open Book Exam)

9. Elective Subject (one out of 8) (Open Book Exam)

i) Banking

ii) Insurance

iii) Intellectual Property Rights

iv) Forensic Audit

v) Direct Tax

vi) Labour Law

vii) Valuation & Business Modelling

viii) Insolvency


Can a Student change his Elective Subject which was selected at the time of registration?

Yes, student can change their elective subject before filling the examination form. Detailed procedure to change elective subject may be seen at the following link of the Institute’s website :- https://smash.icsi.in/Scripts/Student/ChangeOptionalSubject.aspx Login with user ID and password then Click on Module => Student Services=> Change optional subject


What are the Dates of Registration?

December 2020:

If registered on or before 31.05.2020: Both Groups

If registered on or after 1.6.2020 but on or before 31.07.2020: Single Group


June 2021:

If registered on or before 30.11.2020: Both Groups

If registered on or after 30.11.2020 but on or before 31.01.2021: Single Group


Is Pre-Exam Applicable?



What is the Last Date of Passing Pre- Exams?

Pre-Exam has be to be passed before filing exam forms. Without passing Pre-Exam, Student cannot appear for Main Exams.

So, technically the last date for passing Pre-Exam will be 9th April for June Exams & 10th October for December Exams.



What is the Exam Form Dates?

Without Late Fees:

June Attempt: 25th March

December Attempt: 25th September


With Late Fees:

June Attempt: 9th April

December Attempt: 10th October


What is the Exam Form Fees?

Single Group: 1,200/-

Two Groups: 2,400/-

All three Groups: 3,600/-