When can I apply for registration De-novo ( i.e. renewal of registration )?

A student can apply for registration de-novo ( i.e. renewal of registration ) immediately on expiry of five years from the date of his/her previous registration but in any case within five years from the date of expiry of the registration


What is the validity of de-novo registration?

De-novo registration is valid for further period of five years.


How many times I can apply for registration De-novo?

Registration De-novo can be sought on a continuous basis unlimited number of times, provided the same are sought within the stipulated period.


I wish to apply for registration De-novo. Where can I get the de novo form?

Physical de novo forms are not acceptable w.e.f 1ST January 2014. Students are advised to apply online through


How can I pay the de-novo fees?

Students can make payment of applicable fees through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net banking.


How much fees I am required to pay for applying for registration De-novo?

Rs.2,000/- (lump- sum). Students who apply for Registration de-novo within two years of the expiry of former registration.

Rs 3,000/- (lump-sum) If students fail to apply for Registration de-novo within two years of expiry Registration, they may still seek Registration de-novo within a maximum period of five years from the expiry of former registration.

Students belonging to Physically Handicapped Category and SC/ST Category will be required to remit only 25% and 50% respectively of the lump sum fee applicable for General Category Students as mentioned above for seeking Registration De novo


Can I apply “on-line” for registration de-novo?



How can I apply de novo of registration through online mode?

Login with user ID and password (

1. Click on Module > Student Services > Apply For Denovo

2. Select service name: De novo

3. Click on “Proceed to payment”

4. Select Payment Mode

5. Request ID and Transaction ID will generate on successful submission of the request.

6. Click on Proceed

7. For all successful payments , Payment receipt is generated otherwise the payment is not successful)

8. Please download Identity Card


In case of unsuccessful /initiated request please resubmit your request

1. Click on Module => Student Services= > De novo request

2. Click on Request ID

3. In view Applied Service window, Click on Proceed to Payment

4. Select Payment Mode

5. Click on proceed Please note :


? All students of Executive and Professional Programme whose registrations are expired shall be required to seek renewal through “Registration Denovo” process.